The Time for Remote Rehabilitation is Now.

Claris Reflex reduces joint replacement care costs by allowing providers to track, coach and monitor patients at home.



Wearable Sensor

Our patient worn sensor wirelessly links with the pre-configured tablet to continuously report 24/7 activity, body position, and temperature data.


Patient Tablet

Our pre-configured 4G tablet provides education and encouragement to patients through each step of pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical recovery.


Caregiver Dashboard

Our secure online dashboard provides evidence-based rehabilitation data, and actionable alerts allowing staff to intervene prior to costly readmissions.

How We Help

Claris Reflex provides automatic coaching, education and communication to motivate patients to better comply with their prescribed pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical rehabilitation programs.
By allowing patients to self-manage their care in their own homes with confidence and constant feedback, Claris Reflex delivers better patients at lower cost.
In addition, Claris Reflex is a module of the Claris Healthcare Patient care platform which also allows remote monitoring of chronic conditions and provides patients with social wellness programs if needed.

Your Solution to Bundled Payment Programs.

By promoting better compliance, Claris Reflex helps maximize profits of total knee replacement (TKR, TKA), bundled payment programs such as CJR, BPCI, and private insurance.
Hospital & Surgical Costs:

Post-Acute Care Costs:

Hospital & Surgical Costs:

Post-Acute Care Costs:
PROFIT: $6000
More than 45% of TKA costs are post-acute care so increasing patient compliance will decrease costs, variability, and risk.
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Lower Costs

  • Reduce PT Visits
  • Reduce Readmissions
  • Reduce Home Care Hours
  • Reduce SNF Days
  • Reduce MUAs

Better Patients

  • Increase Patient Engagement
  • Increase Compliance
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduce Care Staff Time
  • Reduce Time to Discharge

“Claris Reflex is a significant innovation that has allowed us to streamline care for our knee replacement patients. It’s unlike any patient management solution we’ve used before: for our older patients, the product is intuitive and simple to use; and for our staff, it’s enabling us to provide the best care possible while reducing our overall costs.”

Dr. Dimmig
President, EmergeOrtho
Durham, NC

Surgery Decision Making

Claris Reflex increases patient confidence.


Surgery Education

Claris Reflex displays educational content.



Claris Reflex delivers reminders, surveys and alerts.


Claris Reflex increases patient confidence being discharged home early.


Outpatient Services

Claris Reflex is a platform for care coordination.


Wound & Pain Managment

Claris Reflex captures incision photos, pain scores and medications.


Claris Reflex motivates patients to stay on track.

Patient Satisfaction

Claris Reflex improves patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS).


Claris Reflex is returned by a happy and healthy patient.

Care Timeline

Pre-Surgical to

Post-Surgical Recovery

Your Competitive Advantage

Empowers Patients

Patients can manage their own care in their own home. Because they have all the information they need and can easily contact their caregivers, they have the confidence to succeed.

Improves Profitability

Better prepared, more compliant, more confident patients means reduced readmissions, less skilled care and physical therapy required while maintaining high patient satisfaction.

Delivers Personalized Care

Easy adjustment of in-home care programs means that each patient gets exactly the help they need.

Avoids Unnecessary Costs

Caregivers get an early warning when a patient is having trouble – meaning that they can intervene early and reduce the likelihood of an expensive ER visit or readmission.

Standardizes Care

Quantitative data from many patients leads to data-driven improvement in standardized care.

Better Prepares Patients

Direct access to multimedia education, plus automated reminders ensure that patients are better prepared for surgery.

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