Bundled Payments

Bundled payments effectively limit reimbursements making it important to control costs.

Claris Reflex helps maximize profits for orthopedic centers participating in CMS Medicare CJR, BPCI Advanced, and private insurance bundled payment initiatives.

Now that orthopedic practices and hospitals are accountable for the quality and cost of knee replacements (including 90 days post-surgery) Claris Healthcare recognizes that controlling post-acute care costs is more important than ever.


Although the majority of acute care TKR costs are consistent and predictable from patient to patient (including pre-surgical testing and inpatient services including OR, anesthesiologist, implants, and hospital stay), post-acute care costs can be highly variable based on the patient’s condition and compliance including outpatient care services (SNF or home care), readmissions, manual manipulation, and extended rehabilitation.


“Now that we are getting incentivized by our outcomes, Claris Reflex has been a really valuable tool to actually optimize our financial return in the business, and more importantly, the patient getting better quicker.”

Stefan Fletcher
90%Hospital & surgical costs
40%Post-acute care costs
90%Hospital & surgical costs
15%Post-acute care costs
PROFIT: $6000

With the average total Medicare payment for knee replacement at $25,565 with 51% being spent on post-surgical care services. As a result, high-risk patients have a direct impact on profitability.

To calculate your potential savings, enter your own clinical data into our ROI CALCULATOR.

Better Manage Your Post-Surgical Care Costs

Reduces Risk

Controls the variable costs of post-acute care

Improves patient compliance

Standardizes the patient experience pre and post surgery

Improves patient satisfaction scores (PROs) and HCAHPS

If you are one of the hospitals participating in CJR or orthopedic practices participating in BPCI Advanced then please contact us for an evaluation of your perioperative procedures as we may be able to help you protect your profits.