Are all your patients recovering well at home?

We provide visibility to those at risk of re-admission.

Our Claris Reflex online dashboard provides real-time data, alerts, messaging and configuration.

“I’m happy to know that going forward, our total knee replacement patients are no longer subject to human error. Claris Reflex enables us to evaluate activity level, changes in patient status, and monitor the correlation of pain to activity, in a highly-effective way.”
Connie Roberts, PT, ATC 
Director of Rehabilitation | Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics (Sportsmed)
Chattanooga, TN


  • Simple traffic light indicator
  • Patent-pending


  • Displays patient graphs (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Exercises (duration and ROM)
  • Icing (duration and temp)
  • Activity (standing, walking, sitting, lying)
  • Range of Motion (continuous)
  • Pain scale results
  • Wellness survey results
  • Care Program compliance


  • Documentation (PDF guides)
  • Messaging (email, text, app)
  • Videos (educational)
  • Video Calling (secure)
  • Websites (online content)


  • Care Programs (daily tasks)
  • Events (scheduled reminders)
  • Exercises (video and PDF)
  • Medications (reminders)
  • Recovery Goals (ROM, icing, walking, standing)
  • Surveys (compliancy check)
  • Vitals (monitor weight, BP, glucose, etc)
  • Alerts (configurable for each staff member)