How can you make sure your patients are on track?

Claris Reflex measures each step, activity and movement during their rehabilitation to make sure.

Claris Reflex is a wearable sensor that provides 24/7 continuous monitoring of patient movement.


Bend Sensor

  • Continuous monitoring of every knee flexion and extension


Temperature Sensor

  • Continuous temperature monitoring


  • Detection of walking, standing, lying and sitting
  • Roll, Pitch, Yaw

Wireless connection

  • Pre-paired to tablet
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

Battery power

  • No charging or battery replacement required
  • 8 weeks continuous runtime


  • Offline storage of bend and temperature for

up to 7 days


“Claris Reflex was the key to my successful rehab. It kept me organized and tracked my progress so I had goals to work towards. I also felt connected to my care team if I needed help. I can say without hesitation, that Claris Reflex really enhanced my recovery.”

Joan Hancheroff
Retired Nurse, Claris Reflex Patient